Jealousy-Fueled Double Murder Case Unfolds in Leeds Crown Court

Huddersfield, England – A tragic murder case unfolded in Huddersfield, England, where Marcus Osborne brutally killed his former partner Katie Higton and her new love interest, Steve Harnett, out of “sexual jealousy”. The court heard that Osborne, 35, committed the heinous act on May 15, 2023, at a residence in Huddersfield, where he also proceeded to rape another woman present.

Osborne, who had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, false imprisonment, and rape, is currently undergoing sentencing at Leeds Crown Court. Prosecutors detailed how Osborne forced his way into the house shared with Higton, waiting for her return from a cinema outing with Harnett before launching a vicious attack. Higton, who suffered 99 injuries in the assault, was described as being defenseless during the ordeal.

During the two-day sentencing hearing, the court learned that Osborne had used Higton’s phone to lure Harnett to the property, where he murdered him in a brutal manner, leaving him with 24 knife wounds. Another woman present in the house was also assaulted by Osborne at knifepoint after being held captive.

The prosecution emphasized that Osborne’s actions stemmed from sexual jealousy, control issues, and an unwillingness to accept Higton’s decision to end their five-year relationship. Reports revealed a history of coercive, controlling, and violent behavior by Osborne in prior relationships as well.

Despite warnings and complaints made by Higton to the authorities about Osborne’s threats and dangerous behavior, the tragic incident occurred, leaving a devastating impact on the victims’ families. Testimonies provided in court painted a grim picture of the trauma and grief experienced following the senseless murders.

As the sentencing proceedings continue, the prosecution seeks a whole-life order for Osborne, given the severity and premeditated nature of his crimes. The courtroom atmosphere was heavy with emotion as the families of the victims grappled with the tragic loss of their loved ones at the hands of Osborne.