Kansas City Chiefs Fan Girlfriend Claims He Was Murdered During Watch Party – NewsNation Exclusive

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The girlfriend of one of the three Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead after a game-day watch party is speaking out, insisting that he was “murdered,” despite police stating that there is no suspicion of foul play. Lorie Kruse’s boyfriend, David Harrington, along with Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney, was found frozen outside a rental house in Kansas City on Jan. 9.

While authorities are not investigating the deaths as homicides, Kruse adamantly believes that her boyfriend of 17 years was killed. “David was murdered,” she told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo, adding, “Those three guys were murdered.” She is certain that something doesn’t add up, questioning how it is possible for three men to be dead in the yard while another person was asleep for 48 hours.

Kruse’s suspicion stems from the fact that Harrington would have “walked” home if he was cold or found another way to seek warmth, rather than succumb to the extreme temperatures. She maintains that Harrington was not involved in drug use, despite speculation that the deaths might be drug-related.

The families are awaiting a toxicology report, but Kruse emphasized that beyond the autopsy, three men have lost their lives and six children are now fatherless. She expressed frustration over the rumors and speculation circulating on social media, urging people to remember the real lives affected by this tragedy.

Lorie Kruse’s fervent belief in foul play has led to friction with Jordan Willis, the owner of the house where the tragedy occurred, and his attorney. Willis maintains that he was asleep on the couch near a loud fan with noise-canceling headphones, oblivious to the events outside.

There is heightened emotional tension, with Harrington’s father expressing distrust in Willis’ version of events and insisting that his son’s death was not a mere coincidence. The situation has undoubtedly left a community reeling from shock and suspicion, and as the investigation continues, it is clear that the aftermath extends far beyond the initial tragedy.