Murdered Kansas City Chiefs Fans: Girlfriend Disputes Drugs and Accuses Foul Play

Kansas City, Missouri – The mysterious deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans at a watch party has left their loved ones and the community searching for answers. The girlfriend of one of the victims, David Harrington, believes that foul play was involved, despite law enforcement stating that they are not treating the case as a homicide.

Lorie Kruse, Harrington’s girlfriend of 17 years, insists that he was “murdered,” along with his two friends who were found dead outside a rental house in Kansas City. She does not believe the police’s claim that there was no foul play involved, emphasizing that it does not make sense for three men to be dead while another person inside the house is asleep for 48 hours.

Although law enforcement has mentioned the possibility of the deaths being drug-related, Kruse strongly denies this, stating that Harrington was not a drug abuser. She also voices concerns about the negative and speculative comments circulating on social media, emphasizing the pain and hurt caused to the families and friends of the victims.

The lawyer representing the occupant of the house, Jordan Willis, has stated that his client was asleep during the tragic events and was unaware of what had happened until a welfare check was conducted at the property. Despite the police’s position on the case, the families of the victims are eagerly awaiting the results of the toxicology report to gain more clarity on the cause of the deaths.

Amid the grief and confusion, the families and friends of the victims are speaking out, expressing their doubts and concerns about the circumstances surrounding the tragic loss of their loved ones. With questions still unanswered, the community continues to grapple with the shock and sorrow of the devastating event.