Man Accused of Murdering and Disposing of Body Parts in Nanaimo Arrested for Second Time

NANAIMO, British Columbia – A woman named Laroche is under trial for allegedly murdering Sid Mantee and interfering with his remains, among other charges. It is believed that Laroche confessed the crime to a friend during a birthday celebration, prompting the friend to report the confession to the police. The trial has also revealed details of the abusive relationship between Laroche and Mantee, shedding light on the violent history between the two.

During the trial, Robyn Bartle testified that Laroche confessed to her during a family gathering, revealing details of how she murdered Mantee. Bartel was deeply unsettled by the confession and reported it to the police the following day. Testimonies from Bartle and her mother also shed light on the abusive nature of Mantee and Laroche’s relationship, providing a glimpse into the dynamics between the two.

The Crown alleges that Laroche beat Mantee with a blunt object, dismembered his body, and spread his remains in various locations around Nanaimo. Bone fragments belonging to Mantee were found at different parks, as well as at the cannery where Mantee and Laroche worked together. Laroche has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, with her legal team preparing to argue self-defense as a counter to the Crown’s case.

Following the arrest in May 2021, Laroche was charged again in March 2022 in connection with Mantee’s death and has been in custody ever since. The trial, overseen by Justice Robin Baird, is expected to last one month. The investigation continues to reveal more information about the case, with testimonies from undercover police officers expected to shed further light on Mantee’s death.

The trial has brought to light the disturbing details of Mantee and Laroche’s relationship, highlighting the tragic outcome of a tumultuous and abusive partnership. As the proceedings continue, the case is expected to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the events leading to Mantee’s death.