Jailed for 20 Years: Retired Nurse Murdered in Own Home by Ex-Partner

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – A man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Alyson Nelson, a retired nurse and beloved mother and grandmother. The victim was stabbed to death in her own home in Whitehead, Co. Antrim on April 16, 2022, by her ex-partner William ‘Bill’ Finlay. Finlay was previously handed a life sentence for pleading guilty to murder aggravated by domestic abuse and was informed of his minimum 20-year prison term. This sentencing marks the first under Northern Ireland’s new domestic abuse law, which increases the sentence for offenses committed in the victim’s home.

According to the court, Finlay entered Ms. Nelson’s property and stabbed her multiple times, leaving her to die in her own home. The tragedy has left the entire family devastated, as they continue to grapple with the unimaginable loss of a beloved mother, grandmother, and sister. The family expressed their relief at the conclusion of legal proceedings but emphasized the ongoing and immeasurable pain and sorrow caused by the loss of their loved one.

PSNI Detective Inspector Michelle Griffin highlighted the agonizing nature of the crime, emphasizing the significant impact on the family and the community as a whole. Despite valiant efforts to save Ms. Nelson, she was pronounced dead at the scene. The family, grieving the loss of their loved one, lamented that they will never be able to celebrate future milestones and special occasions with her.

The sentencing of Finlay has brought a sense of bittersweet relief to the family, knowing that legal proceedings have reached a conclusion. However, they acknowledged that the pain and sorrow caused by the loss of their beloved family member will persist for the foreseeable future. They expressed how deeply missed Ms. Nelson will be by all those who knew her, underscoring the lasting impact of her tragic and untimely death.