Belfast Woman Sent Divorce Letter to Husband Three Years Before Killing, Court Hears

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – A murder trial in Belfast Crown Court has revealed disturbing details about the troubled marriage of Susan and Gary Alexander Baird. Susan, a 60-year-old woman, had sent a solicitor’s letter to her husband, notifying him of her intention to divorce him three years before he fatally attacked her. The court also heard that Gary, a 64-year-old former BBC security guard, admitted to attacking his wife with a hammer, but his plea of manslaughter has not been accepted by the prosecution.

The trial, now in its fourth day, has presented the jury with CCTV footage of Gary colliding with a bin lorry in Belfast just ten days before the deadly attack. The incident left Gary with serious wounds to his left hand, requiring hospital treatment. Prosecuting barrister Laura Ivers revealed that Susan was referred to a counselor in 2016 and attended sessions for marriage difficulties. She also sent a letter to Gary’s solicitor in 2017, expressing her intention to initiate divorce proceedings.

In addition to the statements from family and friends, it was disclosed that Susan had contacted a solicitor about divorcing her husband, but then the couple commenced counseling together. One of Susan’s colleagues at the church also testified about the tensions in her marriage, and a minister stated that Susan had described their relationship as not perfect, but that they were working through their issues together.

These revelations shed light on the troubled dynamics of the Baird’s marriage, providing alarming insights into the deteriorating mental state of Gary and the challenges Susan faced before her tragic death. The trial continues to uncover the complexities of their relationship, painting a poignant picture of the events leading up to Susan’s murder.