Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Announces Indictment of 7 Migrants for Times Square Police Attack

New York, NY – Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced on Thursday that seven migrants have been indicted for an attack on two New York City police officers in Times Square last month, capturing widespread attention and public outrage. This comes after a now-viral video showed the migrants viciously assaulting the officers.

Bragg expressed his disgust and outrage at the assault during a news conference, emphasizing that such attacks on law enforcement would not be tolerated. The DA also stated that his office is collaborating with law enforcement to ensure that all those responsible for the attack are brought to justice.

The announcement of the indictments follows a meticulous review of CCTV camera footage to determine the role of each suspect in the attack. Of the seven indicted suspects, five had previously been arrested and released without bail, while two others are currently being sought.

The police have reported that the suspects who were released on bail have fled the state, with some of them allegedly heading to California. This has prompted calls from New York Republican lawmakers for the removal of DA Alvin Bragg from office due to the handling of the case.

Furthermore, the incident has sparked outrage among lawmakers and the public, with over 170,000 migrants arriving in New York City since 2022, raising concerns about law enforcement and public safety.

As the investigation into the attack continues, the DA remains committed to ensuring that justice is served for the heinous assault on the New York City police officers.