“Meticulous” Research Reveals Shocking Details of Pennsylvania Woman’s Alleged Murder Plot Against Boyfriend’s Daughter

NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA – A 20-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend’s 1-year-old daughter in a premeditated murder that shocked the community. Aleisia Owens is facing charges of homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated assault of a child, endangering the welfare of a child, and other offenses in connection with the June 2023 death of Iris Alfera. She has been denied bail.

The tragic death of the child was found to be the result of fatal levels of acetone in her blood, according to the Office of Attorney General. The investigation into Iris’ death revealed that she had ingested various hazardous substances in the months leading up to her passing, including water beads, button-shaped batteries, and a metal screw. Investigators also discovered that Owens had meticulously researched online the potential harm these substances could cause to children.

Owens’ cell phone records from February to June 2023 showed numerous searches for information on household products that could cause serious harm or death to children, including water beads, batteries, and nail polish. New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem highlighted the significance of these phone searches as crucial evidence against Owens.

Furthermore, it was revealed that in the months before Iris’ death, she had been hospitalized for ingesting multiple harmful objects, including about 20 water beads, batteries, and a metal screw. This pattern of harmful ingestion leading up to Iris’ tragic death painted a disturbing picture of deliberate harm.

The details of this case are indeed heartbreaking, prompting Attorney General Henry to emphasize the shocking nature of the defendant’s alleged actions. The tragic loss of Iris Alfera has left the community reeling, with her mother expressing profound sadness over the loss of her “beautiful angel baby.” The investigation continues to unfold as the community seeks justice for Iris Alfera.