Mother Speaks Out After Daughter’s Flea Market Murder

DESOTO COUNTY, Fla. — As the search continues for the killer of Olivia Maldonado, her mother is speaking out about the tragic loss. Maldonado was fatally shot at a flea market in DeSoto County, leaving her family and community devastated. The suspect in the shooting is Maldonado’s ex-boyfriend, who allegedly ambushed her as she exited her SUV.

According to Juanita De La Torre, the former couple had only been dating for a few months, and she never expected the ex-boyfriend, Emilio Olalde, to become violent. Described as a hardworking and kindhearted mother, Maldonado’s life was tragically cut short in what her mother called a “cowardly” act. Witnesses at the flea market recall Olalde mentioning a “little surprise” for Maldonado before he argued with her, slapped her, and then shot her multiple times.

After the shooting, Olalde fled in his white truck, leaving authorities to search for him. His abandoned truck was found in a grove, but the murder weapon was not recovered. Maldonado’s family is now pleading for help, believing that Olalde’s family may be hiding him. They suspect that he has ties to South Carolina, Texas, and Mexico.

The grieving mother is urging anyone with information about Olalde’s whereabouts to come forward, emphasizing the devastation caused by the unexpected loss. Authorities are warning the public that Olalde is considered armed and dangerous, urging anyone who spots him to contact law enforcement immediately.

In the wake of Maldonado’s tragic death, the community is rallying together to support her family and seek justice for her senseless killing. The search for Olalde continues, and the family is urging anyone with information to come forward to bring closure to the devastating loss.

If you have any information about the suspect’s whereabouts, please contact the authorities immediately.