Activist Calls for Prosecution of Mother in Teen Girl’s Murder for Harbouring Fugitive

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Activist Terneille Burrows is calling for authorities to take action against the mother of a teen girl who was fatally shot in her home. The police commissioner revealed that the mother was harboring a fugitive at the time of her daughter’s death, and Burrows called the act “egregious.”

The fugitive, Gamaliel Gray, was wanted in connection with another shooting death, and Burrows emphasized the seriousness of harboring a criminal. She expressed deep concern about the increase in violent crimes and emphasized the need to address income inequality as a contributor to criminal activities.

Burrows highlighted the frustration and helplessness that can lead to anger and violence in communities where people struggle to earn a decent wage. She called for a crackdown on high-powered weapons and emphasized the need for the community to stop harboring criminals and instead cooperate with law enforcement to bring about change.

The murder rate in The Bahamas has been a longstanding issue, but the unprecedented numbers in 2024 have raised alarm. Burrows called for an end to the culture of withholding information and urged the community to work together to address the influx of guns in the country.

It was revealed that the intended target of the shooting that resulted in the teen girl’s death was the fugitive being harbored by her mother. The activist emphasized the need for accountability and cooperation in order to tackle the surge in violent crimes.

With the country’s murder count standing at eight, Burrows’ call for action underscores the urgency of addressing the root causes of violence and inequity to bring about positive change in The Bahamas.