Murder Suspected in Disappearance of Megan Stedman as Arrest is Made in Connection

SPOKANE, Wash. – The family of 34-year-old Megan Stedman is speaking out one month after her disappearance in Montana, expressing gratitude for the community’s support in their search. However, they now suspect that she may have been murdered following the arrest of her estranged boyfriend.

Stedman, originally from Spokane, was reported missing by the Bozeman Police Department in late December. Described as having brown hair, brown eyes, and standing at about 5’7, she also has a tattoo of a fish skeleton on her right wrist. The police department has been actively searching for her, with the community rallying behind her family in the efforts to find her.

Stedman’s family has voiced their concerns about her relationship with her estranged boyfriend, indicating that the once short-lived romance had turned unhealthy and dangerous. While speaking with NonStop Local, they shared their belief that Stedman’s boyfriend may have been involved in her disappearance, although this has not been confirmed by authorities.

The family’s fears were heightened when it was revealed that Stedman was living in an RV that matched the description of the vehicle her boyfriend was arrested in. Inside the RV, evidence was found to support his arrest on charges of First-Degree Murder, adding weight to the family’s suspicions.

Despite the hope for Stedman’s safe return, her family is finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto that possibility, especially as there has been no communication from her since before December 15. They point out that it is highly uncharacteristic of her to be out of contact, especially with her two children, one of whom recently celebrated a birthday.

The family also revealed that Stedman’s stay in Montana was not meant to be permanent, but rather an unexpected pause in her journey to see her daughter in Colorado. It is a tragedy for them to see her unplanned detour take such a distressing turn.

As the search continues and more information is expected to be released, the family and the community are left grappling with the devastating reality that they may never see Stedman again. Their hope for justice and closure remains at the forefront of their minds as they navigate this difficult situation.