Murdered 2-Year-Old Adopted Daughter: Father Found Guilty After Bashing Her Head Against Wall

GRAVESEND, England – A father in Kent has been found guilty of the murder of his two-year-old adopted daughter after causing fatal head injuries in May 2020.

The girl, Zahra Ghulami, was taken to the hospital in May 2020 and died two days later after sustaining a skull fracture from severe impact. Her adoptive father Jan Gholami has been convicted of her murder. His wife, Roqia Ghulami, was acquitted of murder but found guilty of cruelty to a person under 16 in a unanimous verdict.

During the trial, evidence of domestic abuse by Gholami against Ghulami was presented, including allegations of him hitting her and banging her head against a wall, causing her fear for her life. The couple had adopted Zahra in 2017, after Gholami’s friend, Zahra’s father, felt unable to care for her following his wife’s death in childbirth.

Gholami, who originated from Afghanistan, denied all accusations of violent behavior. The cause of Zahra’s death was severe head injury and skull fracture. The court also heard about older injuries sustained by Zahra before her death, leading to further suspicions of abuse.

Gholami will be sentenced on February 16, while Ghulami’s sentencing date is yet to be determined. These details were revealed at Maidstone Crown Court during a nine-week trial where evidence was presented to the judge, Mr. Justice Wall.

The girl was taken to hospital on May 27 2020 and died two days later after the father-of-four was accused. The couple adopted Zahra in 2017 after Gholami’s friend, Zahra’s father, felt unable to look after her after his wife died in childbirth and the adoption was approved by village elders. Both parents have been found guilty of harm against the child, although their sentences have not yet been given.

These cases often raise concerns about the protection of children in adoptive families, and advocates for better monitoring of the home situations of adopted children. These concerns are valid and must be addressed by relevant authorities to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.