Murdered 2-Year-Old Adopted Daughter: Father Found Guilty After Bashing Her Head Against Wall

GRAVESEND, England – A father in Kent has been found guilty of the murder of his two-year-old adopted daughter after causing fatal head injuries in May 2020. The girl, Zahra Ghulami, was taken to the hospital in May 2020 and died two days later after sustaining a skull fracture from severe impact. Her adoptive father … Read more

“Father Guilty of Bashing Adopted 2-Year-Old Against Wall” – Gravesend Man Convicted of Murder and Child Cruelty

GRAVESEND, UK – A father has been found guilty of murdering his adopted two-year-old daughter by inflicting severe head injuries on her. The toddler, Zahra Ghulami, had suffered a skull fracture and was pronounced dead in the hospital two days after the incident at the family’s Gravesend home in May 2020. Jan Gholami, 33, denied … Read more