MURDERER SENTENCING: Darnell Dollar Faces Punishment for Killing Middletown Woman

HAMILTON, Ohio – A man accused of killing a Middletown woman and leaving her body in a used car lot is expected to be sentenced Thursday. Darnell Dollar, 33, could face up to life in prison if convicted, after pleading guilty to the murder and kidnapping of 61-year-old Constance Reddix. Reddix was found dead inside a vehicle in March of 2023 at a used car lot in Middletown, near South Verity and Hanover. Dollar is accused of beating her, dragging her to the car lot, and locking her in a scrapped truck. It is still unclear what led up to her death, although her family says she met Dollar at a homeless shelter.

There is a major day ahead in the Butler County Courthouse as Dollar’s sentencing hearing is expected to take place at 1:00. The victim’s family will be looking for justice as they continue to seek closure in this tragic case. Dollar’s actions have caused immense pain and suffering to the victim’s loved ones, and they are hoping for a just outcome from the court.

This case has drawn significant attention in the community, shedding light on the issue of violence against women and the vulnerability of those experiencing homelessness. The tragic circumstances surrounding Constance Reddix’s death have sparked conversations about the need for better support and resources for individuals in vulnerable situations. As the sentencing hearing unfolds, the community will be watching closely to see justice served for the victim and her family.

In March of 2023, Constance Reddix was found dead inside a vehicle at a used car lot in Middletown, Ohio. Darnell Dollar, accused of her murder and kidnapping, is expected to be sentenced at the Butler County Courthouse. The details of the case highlight the need for support and resources for vulnerable individuals, as the community seeks justice for the victim and her family.