Murderers Sentenced to Life: 24 Hours in Police Custody Leaves Viewers Sickened by Shocking Interview

HOUGHTON REGIS, BEDFORDSHIRE – Viewers of the television show “24 Hours in Police Custody” were left disturbed by the intense exchange between police and a convicted murderer during a recent episode. The two-part special followed the investigation into the murders of Adam Fanelli, 39, and Patrick Howard, 27, in Houghton Regis on November 13, 2022.

The show included interviews with Anthony Bennison, 25, who was convicted of two counts of murder, and Nicholas Papworth, 33, who was found guilty of Howard’s murder. Bennison stabbed Fanelli and Howard, while Papworth used his car to drive over Howard. Both men were identified as the attackers through CCTV footage and community assistance, leading to them receiving life sentences. The episode featured intense footage of the attack and the interviews with the murderers.

During the episode, viewers expressed feeling sick and disturbed by the content, particularly by Papworth’s demeanor during the police interview. Some viewers noted that Papworth repeatedly answered “no comment” during the interview, with one detective describing his attack as one of “rage and hatred.” Despite the disturbing content, the episode provided insight into the criminal justice process and the tactics employed by police during interviews with suspects.

This week’s episodes are available for viewing online, providing viewers with a deep dive into this chilling case. The intense exchange between police and the convicted murderers has left a lasting impact on viewers, shedding light on the complexities and challenges of murder investigations and police interrogations.

The episode was a difficult watch for some, showcasing the intense investigation into the brutal murders and providing an inside look into the challenging world of police interrogations and criminal justice. Overall, the episode shed light on the intricate process of solving violent crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.