Murderer Vincent DeRosa Set to Be Released After State Parole Board Approval

NEW YORK – Two-time killer Vincent DeRosa, known as “The Butcher of Bellerose,” has been approved for release by the state parole board after serving 35 years of a maximum lifetime prison sentence. DeRosa, 72, was convicted of killing 18-year-old Finnish exchange student Tomi Uuttu in 1983, after previously committing the murder of 4-year-old Theresa Riccio in 1968.

DeRosa’s impending release has shocked and horrified the family of his victims. Anthony Riccio, the brother of Theresa, expressed his shock upon learning about DeRosa’s parole approval, stating that “They didn’t send me a letter or anything.” The brutal way in which Theresa’s body was found, with broken legs and a broken neck, continues to haunt the family.

The gruesome nature of DeRosa’s crimes has led to ongoing efforts by the victims’ family to keep him behind bars. Every two years, they have written letters to the state Parole Board urging them to deny DeRosa’s release. However, the board approved his release after considering factors such as age and health, leading to criticism about the weight given to the brutality of the crimes committed.

DeRosa’s release is part of a larger trend, with the parole board releasing 38 cop killers since 2017. With an “open date” for release, DeRosa could be free at any time, sparking concerns and outrage among those impacted by his heinous actions. Despite the passage of time, the pain and trauma caused by DeRosa’s crimes continue to reverberate, reminding the community of the need for justice and the lasting impact of violent acts.