Mother Arrested for Murder of 7-Year-Old Son, Was Assault Victim in Past

HAVERFORDWEST, PEMBROKESHIRE – A mother of two has been accused of the murder of her seven-year-old son. Papapait Linse, 42, was arrested after her son Louis was found dead in their home. Linse, originally from Thailand, is the wife of Edward Linse, who was placed in a secure psychiatric hospital following a series of violent episodes.

The accused was once a victim of assault when her husband attacked her with their daughter’s Peppa Pig book six years ago. During the court hearing, she remained composed and was remanded to Swansea Crown Court for trial.

The husband, Edward Linse, had a history of violent behavior, including an incident in 2017 when he physically attacked his wife and wealthy parents, for which he was sent to a secure psychiatric hospital.

Papapait Linse’s social media profile describes her as a ‘Mom and freelancer with two British kids’. Their home-schooled son was found dead by the police, prompting an investigation into the tragic incident. The community was shocked by the news, with neighbors and local officials expressing their condolences to the family.

Dyfed-Powys Police confirmed the death of the seven-year-old boy and offered condolences to his loved ones during this tragic time. The case is ongoing, and the accused awaits trial in the Swansea Crown Court.