Obsessive ex-boyfriend’s alleged murder of Houston woman prompts calls for justice

Houston, Texas – Family members gathered at the Turtle Pointe apartments in southwest Houston to honor the memory of Jaynice Ferguson, who was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend. The 23-year-old was shot and used her dying words to identify her 46-year-old ex-boyfriend, Algie Washington, as her killer. Her relatives released balloons and lit candles in her honor, demanding justice for Jaynice.

Ferguson’s family recounted the details of her tumultuous relationship with Washington, including the years of harassment and stalking they say she endured following their breakup in 2020. Despite multiple assault charges and a protection order, Washington was able to track her down and end her life, leaving her family devastated and questioning why more wasn’t done to protect her.

The pain of Ferguson’s loss was palpable, affecting both young and old members of her family. Her 11-year-old nephew, Christian, described the heartbreak of seeing his mother devastated by the loss of his aunt. As the family continues to grieve, they are left grappling with the devastating impact of domestic violence and the failure of the system to protect their loved one.

Washington is currently being held on a $1 million bond as the family seeks justice for Jaynice and grapples with the painful reality of her absence. They believe that if authorities had taken the situation more seriously, their beloved Jaynice would still be with them today. Her tragic story serves as a painful reminder of the desperation of domestic violence, as her family vows to keep her memory alive and seek the justice she deserves.