Oxford Man Guilty of Vodka Bottle Attack on Partner

Oxford, England – Lewis Wootton, 41, of Chillingworth Crescent in Oxford, pleaded guilty to an assault on his partner, Hayley Dalton, after a disagreement with some passers-by escalated into violence. The incident occurred at The Leys Pharmacy in Atkyns Road, Headington, with Wootton using a shard of glass from a smashed vodka bottle to cause a 12cm long and 3cm deep cut on Miss Dalton’s face last year.

The altercation resulted in Miss Dalton sustaining substantial and permanent scarring, leading to a 30-month prison sentence for Wootton. The judge, Joseph Hart, emphasized the lifelong impact of Wootton’s violent actions, calling it a ‘life-long, depressing reminder’ for Miss Dalton.

Specialist investigator Rebecca Newman emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that Wootton acted violently for a prolonged period in front of numerous members of the public. She also highlighted Wootton’s further violent actions, including forcing entry into the pharmacy where Miss Dalton was hiding and causing damage within the pharmacy.

In addition to the assault, Wootton pleaded guilty to affray and criminal damage at the same hearing. He was also made subject to a restraining order until further notice. The sentencing was aimed at giving the victim an opportunity to recover and rebuild her life.