Police Union Calls for Judicial Accountability After Surge in Violent Assaults in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Cincinnati police union is demanding judicial accountability following a series of felony assaults against civilians and law enforcement officers. Ken Kober, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police Queen City Lodge 69 (FOP), expressed concern over the surge in criminal activity since taking on his new role less than two months ago.

One incident that has sparked outrage occurred on January 23, when surveillance cameras captured a violent assault near the corner of 6th Street and Walnut Avenue. A group of eight individuals, including teenagers, attacked a man walking on the sidewalk. They proceeded to punch and kick the man, eventually stealing his phone and wallet before fleeing the scene.

Kober emphasized the severity of the situation, stating, “You have someone just walking down the street at 8 o’clock on a weekday and eight young people come up from behind and just start attacking and kicking and punching him for no reason before taking his property and running off in the dark. Those things should not be happening in Cincinnati.”

Despite officers successfully apprehending two of the suspects shortly after the assault, both individuals were released back onto the streets within a day. Kober expressed dissatisfaction with the lenient consequences, particularly regarding the release of a 14-year-old with an electronic ankle monitor.

In addition to this incident, a separate assault against a police officer further fueled Kober’s frustration. The suspect, 27-year-old Antoine Walker, physically attacked the officers while they attempted to arrest him at a gas station, resulting in a broken kneecap for one of the officers.

Chief Theresa Theetge of the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) shared video footage of another disturbing group assault, lamenting the recent surge in violent crime incidents involving juveniles. The chief emphasized the need for severe consequences for such behavior.

As the community grapples with these alarming developments, the demand for judicial accountability from law enforcement and community leaders continues to intensify. The need for stronger measures to address and prevent such incidents has become increasingly urgent, prompting a call for action and reform from various stakeholders in Cincinnati.