Protection Order Fails: Texas Woman Murdered by Stalking Ex-Boyfriend

Houston, Texas – A woman’s plea for justice after her sister was murdered by an ex-boyfriend has drawn attention to the failures of the justice system to protect victims of domestic violence. Jaynice Ferguson, 23, was fatally shot by Algie Washington, 45, in Houston last Wednesday, despite a protection order against him. Ferguson’s family alleges that Washington had been stalking and assaulting her for three years, with multiple warning signs that he might commit violence against her.

According to Ferguson’s family, the harassment and assaults began after the couple broke up in 2020. Washington allegedly attacked Ferguson multiple times and even sent her to the hospital on several occasions. Despite their efforts to protect her, including seeking legal protection and involving the police, Ferguson’s family feels that the justice system failed to keep her safe.

The case highlights the challenges victims of domestic violence face in obtaining effective protection and the limitations of the legal system in preventing such tragedies. Washington has been charged with murder and is currently held on a $1 million bond, but Ferguson’s family fears that he may pose a danger to others if released.

The tragic story of Jaynice Ferguson underscores the urgent need for better protection for victims of domestic violence and for more effective measures to hold perpetrators accountable. This case serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the need for continued efforts to address and prevent it.