Troconis claims missing mom Jennifer Dulos is alive and hiding despite murder allegations

In Hartford, Connecticut, Michelle Troconis, a 49-year-old Venezuelan woman, faced a second interview with the police on Friday as she stood trial for her alleged involvement in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. The missing mother of five vanished in May 2019, with no trace of her remains ever being found.

During the interview, Troconis presented her theory about Dulos’s whereabouts, claiming that she believed Dulos to still be alive and in hiding. She explained to the detectives that Dulos had a history of disappearing and changing her identity. Troconis also added that in her understanding, Dulos suffered from a borderline personality disorder.

As the footage of the interview was shown to the jury, Troconis appeared increasingly exasperated, repeatedly stating that she did not know what happened to Dulos, but acknowledging that she realized she was in trouble. The so-called “Gone Girl” theory, where a wife fakes her own murder, had previously been floated by Fotis Dulos’s lawyer.

Former Connecticut State Police Detective John Kimball testified, stating that Troconis had been interviewed on three separate occasions. Jurors were also presented with evidence of the alleged disposal of Dulos’s belongings by Fotis and Troconis. The prosecution alleges that Fotis attacked Jennifer in her rented New Canaan property and then disposed of her body, but no conclusive evidence has ever been found to support the claim that Jennifer is actually alive and in hiding.

Overall, the trial of Michelle Troconis sheds light on the complex and harrowing case of Jennifer Dulos’s disappearance, with each new development adding layers of mystery and suspicion to the story.