Shooting at Grove Resort in Winter Garden: Orange County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Incident

Winter Garden, Florida – Authorities from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene of a shooting in the early hours of Sunday morning. The incident took place at the Grove Resort in Winter Garden, where officials believe the shooter and victim may have been acquainted with each other.

Law enforcement officers are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting at the Grove Resort, and a team from Channel 9 is on the ground to gather more information. Updates on this developing situation will be provided on Eyewitness News.

Those seeking to familiarize themselves with the geography of the incident location can refer to the map below for more context.

In the wake of the shooting, the community awaits further details and hopes for a swift resolution to this troubling event. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will work diligently to piece together the events that led to the shooting at the Grove Resort.

The safety and well-being of individuals at the Grove Resort remain a top priority as law enforcement officers work to ensure the security of the area. Residents in the vicinity are urged to remain vigilant and report any relevant information that could assist in the investigation.

As the story continues to develop, individuals are encouraged to stay informed through updates on Eyewitness News. Efforts to provide clarity and closure on this incident are ongoing as authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the shooting at the Grove Resort.

Authorities are committed to a thorough investigation to bring clarity and justice to all those involved in the shooting incident at the Grove Resort in Winter Garden. The community stands united in support of those affected by this unfortunate event as authorities work tirelessly to uncover the truth.