Shooting Outside Arlington Strip Club Leaves One Dead, One Injured: Self-Defense Investigated

ARLINGTON, Texas – A tragic incident unfolded outside a strip club in Arlington early Sunday morning, resulting in one fatality and another individual sustaining injuries from a shooting. Arlington Police swiftly responded to the scene on Majesty Drive just after 1 a.m., discovering a 30-year-old man deceased and a 40-year-old man wounded within close proximity to the club’s parking lot.

The deceased individual was identified as Abel Rodriguez by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner. The surviving victim, aged 40, was promptly transported to a hospital for medical treatment and is anticipated to recover from the ordeal. Remarkably, the suspected shooter willingly remained at the location and cooperated with law enforcement officers following the violent altercation.

Initial investigations by law enforcement unveiled that the suspected shooter engaged in a dispute with the 40-year-old victim, whom he had prior conflicts with, outside the nightclub premises. Tragically, the confrontation escalated when Rodriguez, an acquaintance of the 40-year-old, stepped into the argument, leading to fatal gunfire minutes later. Subsequent findings revealed a firearm in close proximity to the injured victim.

A news release from Arlington police highlighted the possibility that the shooting might have been an act of self-defense, prompting a decision in consultation with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office not to press charges against the suspected shooter. Consequently, the individual was released without any arrests made. However, authorities in Arlington continue to diligently probe the circumstances surrounding the incident in pursuit of further clarity and justice for all those involved.