Soccer Match in Marseille Under Heightened Security Measures Following Bus Attack

Marseille, France – The city of Marseille in France is preparing to host Lyon in a soccer match under heightened security measures following an attack on Lyon’s team bus by fans throwing rocks in October. The rescheduled match, slated to take place just days after the death of a fan during a different French league game, has raised concerns about violence in soccer this season.

The match between Marseille and Lyon was originally scheduled for October 29 but was postponed after fans attacked the Lyon bus, injuring then-coach Fabio Grosso. Lyon fans have been banned from traveling to the rescheduled game. This comes after a fan was killed in a fight in Nantes, raising concerns about the safety and security of fans and players at soccer matches.

French sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera has called for a strong response to the increase in violence in French soccer, particularly in the wake of the recent fan’s death. The situation has become more tense as Marseille prepares to host Lyon, with local authorities facing pressure to ensure a safe and secure environment for the match.

The Lyon team bus was attacked on its way to Stade Velodrome in Marseille, resulting in shattered windows and injuries to Grosso and assistant coach Raffaele Longo. The rescheduled match is expected to be closely monitored, with Lyon taking extra security measures such as using an unmarked bus with reinforced windows and heavy escort to the stadium.

In addition to the bus attack, racist incidents also occurred before the previous match between Marseille and Lyon, further adding to the tension preceding the rescheduled game in Marseille. Both clubs have struggled to meet expectations this season, with Marseille sitting ninth in the standings and Lyon at the bottom of the league.

The safety and security of players, staff, and fans will be paramount as Marseille prepares to host Lyon amid the heightened tensions surrounding recent soccer-related violence in France. The match is not only a test of skill on the field but also a test of the ability to ensure the safety and security of all involved.