Sucker-Punch Suspect in NYC Attack Has History of Mental Illness and Violent Assaults: Disturbing Details Emerge

A man with a history of mental illness and a rap sheet filled with sucker-punch assaults has recently been arrested in Brooklyn, New York. Franz Jeudy, 33, allegedly punched a Brooklyn school bus aide, Dulche Pichardo, causing severe injuries that left her with a broken jaw and missing teeth. Despite the seriousness of the attack, Jeudy was released on supervised release by a Brooklyn judge after facing misdemeanor charges for assault, attempted assault, and harassment – all non-bail-eligible offenses.

Pichardo, shaken and bruised from the attack, expressed her fear and concern over Jeudy being released back into the community, labeling him as dangerous. Jeudy’s criminal record includes prior arrests for random punch attacks on a law enforcement officer and a security guard, according to police sources. He had previously been arrested for assaulting a Department of Homeless Services officer and a security guard at a medical center.

Jeudy’s history of violence led to him being found unfit to stand trial for previous misdemeanor assaults, indicating a pattern of mental health issues. Authorities had responded to multiple 911 calls involving Jeudy, where he had disclosed his struggle with schizophrenia and lack of medication compliance.

The recent attack on Pichardo has sparked broader concerns about a series of similar sucker-punch attacks targeting women across New York City. Influencers on social media platforms like TikTok have shared their own experiences of being randomly assaulted by strangers. The violence has left many women feeling unsafe and demanding action from law enforcement to address the issue.

In response to the violent incidents, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is considering upgrading Jeudy’s charge to a felony, acknowledging the severity of the unprovoked attacks. The community is on edge as they grapple with the unsettling trend of random assaults on women, calling for stronger measures to protect public safety and prevent further incidents.