Millennials are Betting Their Retirement on Cryptocurrencies: Should You?

Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity, with many considering them potential retirement investments. A 2024 Investopedia Financial Literacy Survey revealed that about a third of investors below age 55 intend to depend on cryptocurrency for retirement. The volatile nature of the crypto market raises concerns about the use of cryptocurrencies for retirement. In 2024, Terra blockchain’s … Read more

The Shocking Mistakes That Could Wipe Out Your 401(k) Savings

401(k) account balances have been on an upward trajectory, with the recent data showing a consistent rise for three consecutive quarters. The average 401(k) balance has surged to $112,400, marking an 8% increase from half a decade ago and a commendable 39% jump from a decade ago. It’s worth noting that Generation Z has seen … Read more