Fatal Shootings of Black and Indigenous Sisters Rock Oregon Tribal Nation

Klamath Falls, Oregon was devastated this week by the tragic shooting deaths of two teenage sisters, Aleeka Qualls, 19, and Zion Qualls, 14, who were Black and Indigenous. The sisters were fatally shot on the morning of June 29 in their family home where they lived with their father, Tashka Qualls. Police were responding to … Read more

Indigenous Offender Avoids Jail Time in Violent Attack Case: Judge Considers Traumatic Background

Vernon, British Columbia – An Indigenous man in Vernon with a history of criminal convictions avoided jail time after assaulting a stranger, leaving the victim with 11 stitches. In a recent decision by Provincial Court of BC Judge David Patterson, Kenneth Allan Leo’s upbringing as an Indigenous person in Canada was considered. The judge acknowledged … Read more

Shooting Tragedy Strikes Indigenous Community in Arizona: Two Dead, Officer Among Victims

Maricopa, Arizona – A tragic incident unfolded in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Gila River Indian Community, located 35 miles southeast of Phoenix. A shooting resulted in the loss of two lives, one being a police officer, and left five others injured, including another officer. The Gila River Police Department responded to … Read more

Survivors Advocate Calls for Greater Support for Indigenous Community in Wake of Violent Attack

Denver, Colorado – Alexandra James Banuelos, an Indigenous woman in Denver, is calling for increased support for survivors of domestic violence, particularly within her own community. She recently survived a violent attack by her husband, an incident that has left her with visible bruises on her face and a swollen eye. After informing her husband … Read more

Assault: Indigenous Man Attacked by Group in Barpeta District Clash

Barpeta, Assam – A minor dispute at a school erupted into a violent confrontation when members of a different community severely beat a man from an indigenous group in Barpeta, Assam. Reports indicate that Jawar Khan from Surpura village was the leader of the attack. The victim, identified as Pranob Das from Bamunbari village in … Read more

Assam Indigenous Man Brutally Attacked After School Quarrel: Investigation Underway

Guwahati, India – A dispute over a minor incident erupted into a violent confrontation when a man from an indigenous community was severely beaten by individuals from a different community in Assam’s Barpeta district on Tuesday. Reports indicate that the attack was led by Jawar Khan from Surpura village. The victim, identified as Pranob Das … Read more

Indigenous Man Receives 5 1/2 Year Sentence in Violent Calgary Stabbing Case

Calgary, Alberta – A Siksika man has been sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for his involvement in a brutal stabbing that left a Calgary woman covered in blood from head to toe. The sentence was handed down by Justice Mark Tyndale, who took into account the tragic Indigenous background of Troy Eagle Tail … Read more

Self-Defense Empowerment: Indigenous Women in Bolivia Learn Taekwondo to Combat Gender-Based Violence

El Alto, Bolivia – Lidia Mayta’s journey to becoming a taekwondo trainer for Indigenous women in Bolivia began with a life-threatening encounter with would-be robbers outside her home. In response to the attack that left her feeling helpless, Mayta found empowerment through learning self-defense skills. Mayta, a 56-year-old shopkeeper and community health secretary, credits her … Read more

Taekwondo Empowers Indigenous Women to Fight Gender-Based Violence in Bolivia – A Story of Resilience and Strength

El Alto, Bolivia – Lidia Mayta’s journey into the world of taekwondo began with a harrowing encounter with would-be robbers outside her home. Three years later, she is now empowering other Indigenous women in Bolivia to defend themselves against gender-based violence that plagues their society. Mayta credits the quick intervention of her neighbors for saving … Read more

DNA Innovation Could Bring Resolution for Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

MASKWACIS, Alberta – The heartbreaking story of Shirley Soosay’s disappearance and her eventual identification through Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) highlights the plight of missing and murdered Indigenous women in North America. This case sheds light on the struggles of Indigenous families to find closure and justice for their loved ones. Violet Soosay, Shirley’s niece, expressed … Read more