Unsolved East Chicago Murders Prompt Community Call for Information

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. – The police department in East Chicago, Indiana, is appealing to the community for information regarding two unsolved murders that occurred in 2021. The victims, Eric Douglas and Angelica Casares, were both killed in separate shootings, leaving their cases unresolved.

Although the homicide rate in East Chicago decreased by 55% last year, the clearance rate for the cases was at 80%. Despite the efforts of the police department, the murders of Douglas and Casares remain unsolved, posing a challenge for law enforcement.

The investigation into Casares’ murder revealed that the weapon used in the shooting was an AK-47, adding a disturbing element to the case. On the other hand, the killing of Douglas, which took place outside Ralo’s Bar, was captured on surveillance video. The footage showed Douglas exiting the bar with his shooter, and moments later, the fatal shot was fired.

The lack of cooperation from potential witnesses has hindered the progress of the investigations, with some individuals even refusing to let the police in during the response to the incident. This reluctance to come forward with information has prompted the involvement of the activist group “Case Files Chicago” to encourage witnesses to provide any relevant details.

East Chicago Police Department, along with “Case File Chicago,” is urging anyone with information to come forward, emphasizing the crucial role of community involvement in solving these cases. The organization is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest, highlighting the importance of community support in bringing closure to these tragic events.