Violent Crimes Spree: Andrew Valadez Arrested for Shooting and Robbery on Same Day

SAN ANTONIO, TX – In a series of violent incidents on September 17th, 2023, Andrew Valadez, 27, was arrested by San Antonio Police for his involvement in a shooting and an armed robbery.

The first incident occurred in the early morning hours when Valadez allegedly shot and pistol-whipped a man following a verbal exchange that turned physical. Bystanders intervened to stop the attack, but Valadez proceeded to shoot another man in the chest, inflicting life-threatening injuries. The perpetrator then fled the scene, leaving the victims in critical condition.

In a separate incident later that same day, Valadez was implicated in an armed robbery at a parking lot near the Home Plate Sports Bar. Armed with a gun, Valadez pursued a victim before catching up to him and assaulting him alongside another suspect. The victim was coerced to hand over his belongings during the ordeal.

Authorities were able to identify Valadez through video surveillance, linking him to both crimes. It was revealed that Valadez had previously served prison time for a Family Assault charge but was released just seven months prior to the violent attacks on September 17th.

The two victims in the shooting incident were hospitalized with severe injuries, while the condition of the 35-year-old man remains uncertain. Valadez now faces charges for both the shooting and armed robbery, as he awaits further legal proceedings in connection to the disturbing events that unfolded on that fateful day.

The case underscores the importance of swift police intervention in responding to violent crimes and serves as a reminder of the critical role bystanders play in averting further harm in dangerous situations. As the investigation continues, authorities work diligently to ensure that justice is served for the victims affected by the senseless acts of violence perpetrated by Valadez.