Viral Video Shows Violent Attack on Indian Student in Chicago, Highlights Security Concerns for Indian Students in the US

The violent attack on Indian student Syed Mazahir Ali in Chicago has caused widespread concern in India. Ali sustained serious injuries after being assaulted by four armed robbers near his home, with a video of him bleeding after the attack going viral on social media.

In the video, Ali can be seen with blood streaming down from his forehead, nose, and mouth, pleading for help after being kicked and punched by the assailants. The incident has raised awareness about the security challenges faced by Indian students in the US, with several cases of violent attacks and mysterious deaths reported in recent times.

One such case involved the killing of 25-year-old Indian student Vivek Saini by a 53-year-old drug addict in Georgia. Another tragic incident was the death of 19-year-old student Shreyas Reddy Beniger in Ohio, where authorities ruled out foul play. Additionally, Indian student Neel Acharya was found dead at Purdue University campus, and Akul Dhawan, an Indian-American student, was discovered dead outside the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

These incidents have sparked concerns about the safety and well-being of Indian students in the US, prompting discussions about the need for greater security measures and support systems for international students. The attacks and deaths have also led to calls for closer cooperation between Indian and US authorities to ensure the safety of students studying abroad.