Campus Tragedy: Gunmen Attack University of Panama Students, One Dead

PANAMA CITY, Panama – A tragic incident unfolded at a rural campus of the University of Panama when two gunmen opened fire on a group of students, resulting in the death of one student and injuring another before fleeing the scene, as reported by school officials and authorities. University Rector Eduardo Flores Castro disclosed the … Read more

Bullying Crisis Erupts at Mangakōtukutuku College: Students Incited to Violence on School Grounds

Hamilton, New Zealand – A disturbing video surfaced on Instagram showing two senior students stomping on the head of a junior high school student as she attempted to flee from her attackers. This violent incident is the latest in a series of assaults among students at Mangakōtukutuku College in Hamilton, which has been plagued by … Read more

Assault Allegations: TikTok Star Mark Estes Accused of Beating Students in Campus Brawl

Bozeman, Montana – Mark Estes, a member of the TikTok group the Montana Boyz, faced accusations of felony federal assault back in February 2021 after an alleged altercation with a group of students, according to information obtained exclusively by Page Six. The incident, which took place when Estes was 24 years old, reportedly resulted in … Read more

Stampede at California Middle School as Students Race to Witness Violent Assault on Campus

Novato, California – A violent incident unfolded at Sinaloa Middle School in Novato, California, recently, sparking chaos among students. Reports indicate that a brawl involving two young girls led to a “stampede” of students who rushed to witness the altercation, resulting in further mayhem on campus. Shocking videos from the incident depict one of the … Read more

Attack: CAIR-LA Calls Out Silence from Beverly Hills School on Student’s Violent Actions

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles has expressed concern over the silence of the Beverly Hills Unified School District regarding a student’s violent attack on UCLA protestors. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for accountability within the community. The student, whose name has not been disclosed, reportedly assaulted … Read more

Evacuation Efforts Intensify as Pakistani Students Attacked in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – In response to a violent attack on foreign students in Kyrgyzstan, the Pakistani government has taken swift action to ensure the safety and security of its citizens studying in the country. The incident, which endangered many students, led to the immediate organization of multiple special flights to evacuate those affected and bring … Read more

Attack: Indian and Pakistani Students Advised to Stay Home Amid Violence in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, has recently been engulfed in violence targeting international students, prompting advisories from India and Pakistan for their students to remain home. After reports of violent mobs attacking dormitories housing students from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, both India and Pakistan issued warnings to their citizens in Kyrgyzstan to exercise caution and … Read more

Attack: Five Pakistanis Injured in Mob Violence Against Foreign Students in Bishkek

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistan summoned the Kyrgyz envoy to discuss the safety of international students, including Pakistanis, in Bishkek after a mob targeted hostels and residences of foreign students, resulting in multiple injuries. The Pakistani embassy advised the students to stay indoors until the situation de-escalated. Meanwhile, 140 stranded Pakistani students arrived in Lahore, with … Read more

Students from India Urged to Stay Indoors After Violent Attack Leaves Four Pakistani Students Dead in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Four Pakistani students tragically lost their lives in a violent attack in Kyrgyzstan. The incident has sparked concern and prompted India to advise its students in the country to remain indoors for safety. The attack, which took place in a rented apartment, resulted in the deaths of the four students, with the … Read more

Kyrgyz Government Takes Action Against Hostel Attacks on India, Pakistan Students

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Government officials in Kyrgyzstan have made a plea following recent attacks on hostels housing students from India and Pakistan. The authorities have expressed concern over what they refer to as “destructive forces” impacting the safety and security of students. The request from the Kyrgyz government comes after incidents of violence targeting hostels … Read more