UCLA "FBI Involvement Follows UCLA Campus Violence"

Los Angeles, CA – Nearly a week after violence erupted on the campus of UCLA, Chancellor Gene Block announced Monday that the school is working with the Los Angeles Police Department and has reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hold those responsible for the melee accountable. Tensions had been escalating outside the … Read more

Campus Tragedy: College student discovers friend fatally shot after hearing gunfire, report reveals

Atlanta, Georgia – A college student in Atlanta, Georgia, was shocked to hear gunfire on campus and tragically discovered their friend fatally shot, according to reports. The incident has left the university community in mourning and raised concerns about safety measures on campus. The student, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was studying in the … Read more

Kennesaw State University Student Alasia Franklin Fatally Shot on Campus

Kennesaw, Georgia – A tragic incident unfolded on the campus of Kennesaw State University, resulting in the loss of a promising student, Alasia Franklin. The shooting that claimed Franklin’s life has left the university community in shock and mourning. Franklin, a dedicated student at Kennesaw State University, was known for her hard work and passion … Read more

Campus Shooting Tragedy at KSU: Friend Discovers Victim After Deadly Incident

Kennesaw, Georgia – A tragic incident unfolded at Kennesaw State University when student Anthony Harrison woke up to the sound of gunshots at the Austin Residence Complex on campus. As Harrison recounted the harrowing scene, he shared with FOX 5 reporter Eric Mock his shock and horror at what he saw. Little did he know … Read more

Campus Tragedy: Suspected Shooter Arrested After Deadly Shooting at Kennesaw State University

KENNESAW, Ga. – A tragic shooting at Kennesaw State University resulted in a student’s death on Campus Loop Road, as confirmed by university officials. The suspect in the shooting has been apprehended by the police, although the names of the victim and the assailant have not yet been released. Eyewitnesses, such as student Robert Bowns, … Read more

UCLA: Identifying Attackers from Campus Protest Clash

Los Angeles, California – Recent incidents of extremism have brought attention to various troubling events in the United States. In UCLA, a pro-Palestinian protest turned violent when a mob of counter-protesters attacked demonstrators, causing chaos and injuries. The attackers, some wearing pro-Israel gear, unleashed pepper spray, used sticks, and engaged in physical confrontations. Despite police … Read more

Campus Police Brutality: A Crisis of Student Dissent and Criminalization

Columbus, Ohio – Student dissent on campuses across the nation has sparked a wave of confrontations between protesters and campus police forces, reminiscent of the Occupy protests of 2011. Local and state police, adorned with snipers overseeing demonstrations at universities like Ohio State and Indiana University, have been implicated in aggressive actions against peaceful student … Read more

Violence Erupts on UCLA Campus in Palestine Solidarity Encampment

Los Angeles, California – The campus of UCLA was marred by violence during a Palestine solidarity encampment, with students recounting disturbing scenes of chaos and brutality. The encampment in Dickson Plaza was besieged by over 100 counter-protesters, leading to a night of mayhem that left many injured and traumatized. Ismael Sindha, an alumnus present at … Read more

Doxing: Online Sleuths Identify UCLA Campus Attackers and Spark Controversy

Los Angeles, California – Online sleuths sprung into action in the aftermath of violence erupting at UCLA this week. They diligently scoured videos of masked rioters attacking a pro-Palestinian student encampment near the campus quad, meticulously studying each frame in search of exposed faces. By posting these faces on social media platforms like X and … Read more

UCLA Faculty and Staff Demand Justice Following Brutal Attacks on Campus

Los Angeles, California – Over 1,000 members of the University of California faculty and staff have come together to demand justice following a series of brutal attacks at UCLA. The faculty and staff signed a letter that was released after a night of vigilante violence on the UCLA campus, criticizing Chancellor Gene Block for failing … Read more