Arrested: Woman Facing Charges in Deadly Fresno Bar Shooting

FRESNO, California – A woman was taken into custody on suspicion of murder following a fatal shooting outside a bar in Fresno. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, leaving one person dead. Law enforcement authorities responded to reports of gunfire outside the bar and found the victim suffering from gunshot wounds. … Read more

Dispute Over Driveway Repairs Turns Deadly: Mendocino County Man Dies in Prison

Ukiah, California – A tragic incident unfolded in Mendocino County as a man lost his life in a violent dispute over driveway repairs while behind bars. The individual passed away at the correctional facility, sparking concerns about the safety and security of inmates. The altercation over the repair work took a deadly turn, leading to … Read more

Shooting Tragedy Unfolds: Atlanta Police Investigate Deadly Incident on Greenbriar Parkway SW

Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta police are currently investigating a fatal shooting incident that occurred on Friday evening. The shooting took place at 2890 Greenbriar Parkway SW, where two brothers were shot around 8:30 p.m. Tragically, one of the brothers succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the other brother was rushed to the hospital … Read more

Maine Legislators Pass New Gun Restrictions After Deadly Bowling Alley Shooting

Lewiston, Maine – In the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting that claimed the lives of 18 individuals at a bowling alley and bar, Maine legislators have finally taken action to address the state’s gun laws. The shooting, which occurred last year and marked the deadliest in Maine’s history, sparked widespread debate about the need … Read more

Shooting of Valentina Orellana-Peralta: LAPD Officer Cleared in Deadly North Hollywood Incident

Los Angeles, California – The California Attorney General, Rob Bonta, announced that no criminal charges will be pursued against the Los Angeles Police Department officer involved in the tragic shooting of 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta inside a North Hollywood Burlington store in December 2021. The incident occurred when the officer fired a round at an assault … Read more

Deadly Road Rage Shooting Erupts After Traffic Accident Near Miami Airport, Police Report

Miami, Florida – A traffic accident near Miami International Airport took a deadly turn when a road rage incident resulted in a fatal shooting, according to police reports. The incident unfolded on a busy road, sending shockwaves through the community. Authorities stated that the altercation began as a minor fender bender but quickly escalated into … Read more

Attacker at Sydney Shopping Centre Ended by Brave Female Police Inspector in Deadly Spree

Sydney, Australia – A tragic stabbing spree unfolded at a major shopping center in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, leaving at least seven people dead and several others hospitalized. The violence came to an end when a female police inspector bravely confronted the attacker, ultimately saving lives. The harrowing incident took place on the first day of … Read more

Juvenile Faces Charges in Deadly Tuscaloosa Robbery-Gone-Wrong

Tuscaloosa, Alabama – A tragic incident unfolded in Tuscaloosa on Friday night, resulting in the loss of a young life and leaving another individual with life-altering consequences. A juvenile was fatally shot, a car crashed into a nearby home, and a teenager now faces serious legal ramifications. Captain Jack Kennedy, head of the Tuscaloosa Violent … Read more

Los Angeles Serial Killer ‘Valley Killer’ Brought to Justice After Deadly Shooting Spree

Los Angeles, California – The city of Los Angeles was gripped by fear in 2014, as a serial killer roamed the streets unnoticed for six months. Alexander Hernandez, infamously known as the “Valley Killer,” embarked on a deadly shooting spree on March 14, 2014, leaving a trail of five dead and 11 wounded victims in … Read more

Custody Dispute Turns Deadly in Las Vegas Legal Shooting Incident

Las Vegas, Nevada witnessed a tragic incident during a custody dispute on Monday, resulting in a fatal shooting. A 77-year-old attorney, Joseph Houston, allegedly took the lives of his son’s ex-wife, Ashley Prince, and her husband, Dennis Prince, before taking his own life. The violence unfolded during a deposition hearing at Prince Law Group, where … Read more