Watchman Murdered in Manchirevula After Confrontation Over Scrap Theft

HYDERABAD, India – A construction laborer is being sought by police after allegedly murdering a watchman in Manchirevula, Rangareddy district. The dispute stemmed from the laborer’s unauthorized sale of scrap at a godown where the watchman worked. The deceased, identified as Jangaiah, had reprimanded the laborer, Arjun, for selling the scrap without the owner’s knowledge, and despite warnings, Arjun continued the activity.

The disagreement escalated after the watchman reported Arjun’s actions to the owner, resulting in a confrontation between the two. On the day of the incident, which coincided with the Sankranti festival, Jangaiah and Arjun consumed alcohol together. The resulting dispute led to an attack on Jangaiah by Arjun, ultimately leading to the watchman’s death.

Following the incident, Arjun fled, but the police were promptly notified by residents. The Narsingi police registered a case and moved the deceased’s body to Osmania Hospital for a postmortem examination.

The police are currently investigating the case and are making efforts to apprehend the accused construction laborer. The deceased’s name was Jangaiah, and he was a watchman working at a scrap godown in Manchirevula. The accused, Arjun, was also employed at the same location as a construction laborer. This tragic incident has heightened tensions in the local community, leaving many shocked and concerned. The circumstances that led to the dispute and subsequent attack are being carefully scrutinized by authorities to ensure justice is served.