Billionaire Pharma Family Divided: Lawsuit Over Money Splits Family Following Murder

Gibraltar – The family of murdered pharmaceutical billionaire, Barry Sherman, is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit over his vast fortune. The billionaire and his wife were found dead in their Toronto home in 2017, and the case remains unsolved. However, the focus now shifts to the legal battle between Sherman’s four children, with two of them accusing their siblings of cutting them out of the family’s pharmaceutical business.

The Sherman siblings are divided over the future of the family’s multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company. The lawsuit accuses the siblings of “oppression and unfair prejudice” in their dealings with their two other siblings. The siblings at the center of the lawsuit argue that they have always acted in the best interest of the company. A lawyer for the plaintiffs stated that the siblings acted with “self-interested dealings” that resulted in the exclusion of their two other siblings from the company.

The events leading up to the family feud include the sale of the family’s pharmaceutical business and the subsequent distribution of the proceeds. The siblings who are being sued had control over the distribution of the proceeds, and their actions during this process are what sparked the lawsuit. Despite the huge monetary value at stake, it’s not just about the money for the siblings involved.

This family feud has not only put the Sherman family’s private affairs on public display but also brings to light the complexities and challenges that come with passing down immense wealth and legacy. The tragic and unsolved murders of Barry and Honey Sherman continue to cast a shadow over the family’s turmoil as the legal battle over the pharmaceutical fortune intensifies. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for the future of the Sherman family and their legacy.