Jewelry Store Owner Murdered by 27-Year-Old in Aiken, Reopens 30-Year-Old Cold Case

Aiken, South Carolina – The community of Aiken, South Carolina, was left in shock after the murder of a well-known jewelry store owner, Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr. The 78-year-old was found dead in his home, with the cause of death determined to be blunt force injuries to the head. The suspect, a 27-year-old Aiken man, was arrested and charged in connection with the murder.

Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr. was a prominent figure in Aiken as the former owner of Porky Bradberry Jewelry Store. His death has raised questions and concerns within the community about the safety and security of the area. The incident also sheds light on Bradberry’s controversial past, as he was previously charged in a murder-for-hire case over 30 years ago that went cold.

According to arrest warrants, the suspect, Alexander Gage Boone, broke into Bradberry’s home and fatally assaulted him before stealing items and fleeing the scene. The involvement of a young perpetrator in the murder of an elderly member of the community has sparked discussions about the underlying issues that may have led to such a tragic outcome.

Furthermore, Bradberry’s own history, including his connection to an unsolved slaying in 1982, has added complexity to the case. His criminal background, which included charges of domestic violence and harassment, has created a narrative that goes beyond the immediate circumstances of his death.

The unsolved 1982 slaying of Bradberry’s then-wife, Linda Bradberry, has resurfaced in light of recent events. The details of her tragic death, including the discovery of her body and the subsequent arrest of several men, have left the community grappling with unresolved questions and a lingering sense of unease.

As the investigation into Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr.’s murder continues, the community is left to confront the implications of past and present events on the safety and well-being of its residents. The case serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of unresolved crimes and the need for justice and closure for both the victims and their families.