Bicyclist Mob Assaults Executive Director in Las Vegas Arts District

Las Vegas, NV – On December 6, a violent incident took place in the Arts District of Las Vegas, when 62-year-old Gary Costa was assaulted by a group of bicyclists while driving his Dodge Charger. The attack resulted in Costa being beaten and his car being significantly damaged. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of the area and the actions of the group of bicyclists involved.

Costa, who is the executive director of the local nonprofit Golden Rainbow, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS, has expressed his distress over the lack of assistance from bystanders during the attack. He described how he was physically assaulted and verbally abused, with the perpetrators using homophobic slurs as they carried out the attack.

The assault has prompted Costa to push for an investigation into the incident as a hate crime, based on the nature of the attack and the homophobic language used. He also highlighted the significant physical and emotional impact of the incident, which has left him in excruciating pain and requiring specialist medical care.

In addition to the assault, Costa has also raised concerns about the group of bicyclists involved, noting their regular gatherings and rides in the area. The group, known for its weekly rides, has faced increased police scrutiny in recent weeks, with law enforcement cracking down on traffic violations and enforcing stricter regulations for their gatherings.

The situation has sparked a debate about the treatment of different groups by authorities, with Costa pointing out the perceived double standard in how the bicyclists are handled compared to other organized events in the city. He expressed his intention to pursue legal action against the City of Las Vegas for allowing the group rides to continue without sufficient oversight and regulation.

The City of Las Vegas has acknowledged the situation and stated that it is working with law enforcement to address the concerns raised. While Metro Police have increased their presence during the group rides, the issue of public safety and regulation of such gatherings remains a topic of debate in the community. The incident has shed light on the challenges faced by local authorities in maintaining order and ensuring the safety of all residents and visitors in the city.