Campus Police Encouraging Safety Measures After Violent Assault at UW-Madison

Madison, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus police have issued a safety reminder in light of a recent violent sexual and physical assault on a student. The incident has prompted campus authorities to emphasize the importance of safety for students both on and off campus.

Acting public information officer for the UW-Madison Police Department, Jeff Kirchman, expressed deep concern over the assault and emphasized the need to ensure the safety of all students. In response to the incident, campus police have urged students to take precautions, especially when out at night, and to consider going out in groups.

Despite not condoning underage drinking, the campus police have adopted a Medical Amnesty program to ensure that students who may have been drinking underage can seek medical attention without fear of disciplinary action. The program aims to support individuals who make responsible choices in seeking help for themselves or others in need, reflecting a commitment to student welfare.

In addition to medical amnesty, students also have access to the Badger SAFE app, which offers a range of safety resources for on and off-campus situations. The features of the app include Friend Walk, Safety Alerts, Connect with UWPD, and an “I’m OK” Feature, designed to provide support and emergency assistance to users.

Furthermore, the Badger SAFE app, developed by a student intern with the campus police, has been widely embraced by the university community. It is designed not just for students, but also for parents and members of the Madison community, reflecting a collective effort to enhance safety for all individuals in the area.

The app, an updated version of WiscGaurdian, has garnered significant downloads and positive feedback within the university community. Its success and wide usage highlight the importance of providing accessible and effective safety resources for students and the broader community.

Overall, the campus police’s proactive measures, combined with the development of the Badger SAFE app, illustrate a unified commitment to student safety and well-being at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the ongoing efforts to create a secure and supportive environment for all members of the university community.