Seattle Police Search for Suspects in String of Strongarm Robberies and Assaults

SEATTLE, WA – Seattle Police are currently on the lookout for a group of individuals responsible for a series of strongarm robberies and assaults in the Ballard and South Seattle areas. The incidents took place this past Friday, leaving residents in shock and fear.

Local resident Scott Winges was startled when he stepped outside his home in Ballard and discovered two individuals who had been brutally attacked. “I was in the kitchen and I heard screaming from outside like loud screaming,” Winges recounted. “I kind of ran outside the front door and it was in time to see on our block a couple people hooded, masked, running into a red vehicle and the vehicle tore off up the street.”

According to Winges, his security camera captured footage of a red vehicle speeding away from the scene. He also shared that a teenage boy was the first to be attacked, with a woman intervening to stop the assault. However, she ended up becoming a target herself as the suspects proceeded to punch them and steal their phones.

Seattle Police confirmed that the red vehicle used by the suspects was stolen from Renton and had been involved in similar crimes. To add to the concern, they revealed that this was not an isolated incident, with five similar assaults reported within a fifteen-minute timeframe.

The brazen nature of these crimes has left the community deeply troubled, with Winges expressing his fear for the safety of the children in the neighborhood. “It’s terrifying, it’s awful, we have four kids at the house and we go to school down the block, there’s lots of kids in the neighborhood it’s not hard to think that could have easily been one of our kids,” he expressed.

As the investigation continues, Seattle Police are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in apprehending the suspects. The community remains on high alert as they await further developments in the case.