Capitol Police Officers Detail Violent Assaults During Breach of Defenses

Washington, D.C. – Capitol Police officers informed the judges that the Capitol was breached by attackers, leading to a forced entry and a temporary obstruction of the electoral vote count by Congress. The officers stated that they were violently assaulted by the attackers, who also targeted other Capitol Police officers by striking them and spraying them with toxic chemicals.

The assault on the Capitol’s defenses and the violence against the officers occurred during the electoral vote count, causing chaos and endangering the safety of those present. The attack resulted in a breach of security and obstruction of the democratic process, highlighting the severity of the situation. The briefing from the officers sheds light on the grave nature of the attack and the impact it had on those tasked with protecting the Capitol and those within it.

The brief filed by the officers provides firsthand accounts of the violence and chaos that erupted during the attack, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice in the aftermath. The detailed account of the assault on the Capitol’s defenses and the physical harm inflicted on the officers underscores the urgency of addressing the events of that day and ensuring the safety and security of the Capitol and its occupants in the future.

The officers’ testimony serves as a crucial reminder of the events that transpired on that fateful day and the lasting impact it had on those who were present. The attack on the Capitol and the violence against the officers underscore the need for a thorough investigation and a comprehensive response to ensure the protection of democratic institutions and the accountability of those responsible for the attack.