Exclusive: New Details Emerge in Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth’s Murder Case; Eyeliner Note Provides Crucial Clue

Bengaluru, India – CEO Suchana Seth’s arrest for the murder of her four-year-old son has left the nation in shock. As new details emerge in the case, the revelations provide insight into the potential motives behind the heinous crime.

The Goa Police have uncovered a crumpled note, potentially crucial in understanding Seth’s mental state at the time of the murder. The note, written with eyeliner, hints at her reluctance to allow custody of her son to her estranged husband, Venkatraman PR. Sources familiar with the investigation revealed that the note expressed her distress over court orders permitting Raman to meet their child, alleging violence and bad influence on their son.

Additionally, new information has come to light, suggesting that Seth had expressed to friends and family her discomfort with her son’s resemblance to her estranged husband. She reportedly made every effort to avoid her son meeting his father, further complicating the tragic circumstances leading to the boy’s death.

Authorities are planning to recreate the crime scene at the service apartment where Seth stayed in North Goa, believing that she smothered her son with a pillow. The latest reports indicate that Seth also attempted to avoid her son meeting his father as per the court order. The actions of the cab driver who transported Seth from Goa have provided further hints about her state of mind at the time of the incident.

Finally, the four-year-old was laid to rest in Bengaluru, with his estranged father performing the last rites. Shock and disbelief linger among those who knew Seth, expressing difficulty in reconciling the allegations of murder with their perceptions of her as a loving mother.

In conclusion, the tragic case of Suchana Seth continues to unfold, shedding light on the complexities of familial and legal disputes. As authorities delve deeper into the investigation, the nation remains gripped by the tragic events that led to the loss of a young life. The search for understanding and justice in this heartbreaking story remains ongoing.