Wanted Man Gunned Down in Jamaica After Fleeing to United States

JUNCTION, St Elizabeth, Jamaica – On Wednesday night, a man wanted for multiple offenses, including rape from more than 10 years ago in Hanover, was fatally shot near Junction in St Elizabeth after evading local law enforcement by relocating to the United States.

The man, identified as 46-year-old Vernon Shearer, had been listed among Hanover’s 10 most wanted individuals up to 2022. Head of the Hanover police, Superintendent Ian Mowatt, confirmed that Shearer, also known as Vandam, was wanted for abduction, rape, illegal possession of firearm, and assault at common-law.

According to police reports, Shearer was being sought in connection with the abduction of a man and a woman on December 19, 2011, in Lower Rock Spring, Hanover. At that time, Shearer was a 34-year-old farmer and a resident of Upper Rock Spring in Hanover.

Despite his status as a wanted individual, Shearer is believed to have fled the country and resided in New Jersey, only recently returning to the island as a visitor. On Wednesday evening, Shearer was inside a bar at Cheapside near Junction, when gunmen drove up and shot him multiple times in the upper body. Another man in the vicinity was also injured by a bullet as the gunmen fled the scene.

Both injured men were taken to the hospital, where Shearer was pronounced dead, and the other man was admitted for treatment.

In conclusion, Vernon Shearer, wanted for multiple offenses including rape in Hanover more than a decade ago, was fatally shot near Junction in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, on Wednesday night. The police have confirmed Shearer’s wanted status and the details of the incidents he was involved in. It is believed that Shearer had eluded the authorities by residing in the United States before returning to the island as a visitor.