Horrific: Hamas Tried to Sell IDF Soldier’s Head for $10,000, His Father Reveals

Kiryat Shmona, Israel – The father of a deceased Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier revealed the horrifying details of how Hamas terrorists attempted to sell his son’s head for $10,000. David Tahar, the father of the late Cpl. Adir Tahar, shared the barbaric act in an interview, describing it as an “insane act of barbarism.” Cpl. Adir Tahar’s body was found by the IDF in October after an attack, but his head was missing. It wasn’t until recently that the fate of his head was discovered.

According to Tahar, his son was killed by Hamas militants with an anti-tank missile after he bravely helped his fellow comrades. The attack not only devastated the Golani Brigade unit that Adir Tahar served in, but it also resulted in the beheading of the young soldier. The mutilation of his body and the attempt to sell his head have left the family and community in shock and mourning.

After months of searching, the Israeli forces were able to locate Cpl. Adir Tahar’s head in the Gaza Strip based on information provided by captured Hamas terrorists. Having confirmed the identity of the head through DNA and dental records, it was returned to the family for a proper burial.

Speaking about his son, David Tahar described Cpl. Adir Tahar as a talented and humble individual who cared deeply for others. He emphasized the need for the world to wake up to the brutality and inhumanity of Hamas terrorists, warning that the same fate could befall other countries if action is not taken.

The Tahar family has also established a campaign to honor Adir’s memory at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Emergency Israel Campaign, seeking to keep his legacy alive. The IDF confirmed Cpl. Adir Tahar’s death but did not comment on the attempt to sell his head or the barbaric circumstances surrounding his death.

The horrifying details shared by David Tahar shed light on the brutality faced by IDF soldiers and the trauma inflicted on their families. As the world continues to grapple with acts of terrorism and violence, it is crucial to recognize and address the atrocities committed by extremist groups like Hamas.