Israel Defense Forces reveal Hamas terrorists tried to sell decapitated soldier’s head for $10,000 on black market

ASHDOD, ISRAEL – The father of a deceased Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier revealed the shocking revelation that Hamas terrorists had attempted to sell his son’s head for money. David Tahar, the father of Cpl. Adir Tahar, shared the heartbreaking details in an interview with Channel 14.

According to Tahar, his son had been killed by terrorists with an anti-tank missile after heroically saving some of his comrades. The attack devastated the Golani Brigade unit that Adir Tahar served in, and the terrorists then decapitated him. David Tahar has been trying for months to find his son’s head after the IDF recovered his body following the Oct. 7 attack.

Tahar claimed that evidence showed the terrorists had abused his son’s body after he was killed. The IDF was only able to identify Adir Tahar’s body through a CT scan, which revealed shrapnel wounds throughout his body. His body was also identified through DNA testing and personal items found in his pockets.

After months of searching, the fate of Adir Tahar’s head was finally resolved after Israeli forces learned from two captured Hamas terrorists that they had tried to sell an IDF soldier’s head for $10,000 and gave details as to where the forces could find it. An elite unit deployed to central Gaza managed to find the head in a bag inside a freezer in Palestine Square. DNA and dental records confirmed that it was indeed Adir Tahar’s head, which was then returned to Israel.

Tahar described the moment he saw his son’s body before burying him as one of the most difficult experiences a man could endure. He expressed his grief and his determination to keep his son’s memory alive through various efforts, including fundraising for the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Emergency Israel Campaign.

Tahar’s emotional account highlights the gruesome reality faced by the IDF and sheds light on the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists. His plea for the world to wake up to Israel’s challenges serves as a harrowing reminder of the ongoing conflict in the region and the impact it has on the lives of those affected. His call to uproot those who hate life and sanctify death serves as a sobering warning to the international community about the threat posed by extremist groups.