Houston Writer Chris Cander Draws from Personal Trauma to Create Provocative New Novel, The Young of Other Animals

Houston, TX – When Chris Cander, a writer from Houston, was just a 19-year-old college student, she survived a violent attack by a man who threatened to kill her. For years, Cander kept this traumatic experience private, sharing it with only a few people. However, now she has drawn from this harrowing event to inspire her latest novel, “The Young of Other Animals.”

“The Young of Other Animals” tells the story of a young woman named Paula who, like Cander, grapples with the aftermath of a similar attack. The novel delves into Paula’s struggle with shame and the difficulty of finding supportive relationships where she can open up about her trauma. This story also touches on Paula’s strained relationship with her mother, who is dealing with the recent loss of her husband and her own past trauma.

Cander’s own journey in dealing with the long-lasting effects of her assault has led her to pursue various paths, including becoming a bodybuilder, working as a firefighter, and even training in self-defense. In fact, Cander has realized that subconsciously, she has been transforming herself into her own bodyguard to protect herself from ever experiencing a similar threat again.

The writer has also found the courage to share her experience with her mother, who has been a source of support for her. As she completed “The Young of Other Animals,” Cander poured her emotions and experiences into the novel, providing her with a sense of emotional and chronological distance to tell the story in a clear and compelling manner.

Following the release of her novel, Cander will be discussing “The Young of Other Animals” at an upcoming event at Brazos Bookstore on February 1, at 6:30 p.m. This public appearance will provide an opportunity for readers to engage with Cander and gain deeper insights into the inspiration behind her work and her personal journey.