Legend’s Brutal Death Exposed in The Boys Comic

In New York City, one of the most shocking deaths in the popular comic book series, The Boys, went largely unnoticed by fans. The death of the character, The Legend, was initially mistaken by readers as a heart attack, but the reality was much more brutal.

In The Boys #67, written by Garth Ennis and Russ Braun, the protagonist, Billy Butcher, is on a mission to exterminate every superhuman in the world. In pursuit of his goal, Butcher targets The Legend, who ultimately meets a violent end at the hands of Butcher.

The Boys is known for its violent and satirical take on superhero stories, depicting a world where the superheroes, or Supes, are far from noble crusaders. This sets the stage for the CIA-backed group, the Boys, led by Billy Butcher, to enforce control over the unruly Supes through any means necessary.

The actual death of The Legend, whose spine is snapped by Butcher off-panel, was misread by many fans as a heart attack. However, artist Russ Braun clarified that the intended cause of death was indeed a spinal injury. Nonetheless, Braun acknowledged that the heart attack interpretation could still be fitting, as the scene portrays The Legend’s realization of a wasted life.

Butcher’s extreme dedication to his final plan is evident in his ruthless elimination of anyone who could pose a threat. This level of commitment adds to the ultra-violent nature of The Boys’ conclusion.

In the world of The Boys, where superheroism is far from virtuous, the demise of The Legend serves as a grim reminder of the series’ brutal and unforgiving narrative.

The Boys Omnibus Vol. 6, which includes the fateful demise of The Legend, is available for readers to explore the series’ shocking conclusion.