Mass Shooting Suspect Dies in Sacramento Jail: Attorney

Sacramento, California – A 29-year-old man facing charges in connection to a deadly mass shooting in Sacramento died in jail over the weekend, according to his attorney. The suspect, Smiley Martin, was accused of murder and two felony firearms possession counts related to the April 2022 shooting that resulted in six deaths and 12 injuries.

Authorities reported that Martin was found unresponsive in his cell on Saturday, despite efforts to save him. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office did not confirm Martin’s identity but stated that the man had been in custody since his arrest in April.

The circumstances surrounding Martin’s death are under investigation, with the cause to be determined by the county coroner’s office. His attorney expressed deep sorrow over the unexpected passing, highlighting Martin’s efforts to defend his innocence during legal proceedings.

The shooting incident in downtown Sacramento involved multiple shooters from different groups, with investigators linking it to gang violence. Martin and his brother, Dandrae Martin, were both present at the scene, with Dandrae also sustaining injuries. Dandrae has pleaded not guilty to charges and remains in custody without bond.

The case continues to unfold as authorities seek to determine the full extent of the event and the involvement of the accused individuals. The community remains on edge following the tragic shooting, emphasizing the need for justice and accountability in such incidents. As developments progress, the impact of the event on the city and its residents remains a focal point for ongoing investigations and legal proceedings.