Murdered Schoolgirl’s Harrowing Tragedy to Air in New Crime Documentary

Nuneaton, United Kingdom: The unsolved murder of a schoolgirl in the 90s will be the focus of a new crime documentary set to air next week, bringing to light the tragic story of Naomi Smith, who never returned home after going to post a letter for her mother. Her body was later found on the Bretts Hall estate, where she had been sexually assaulted and murdered at the age of 15. The perpetrator, Edwin Hopkins, was subsequently sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison for the heinous crime.

The documentary, part of Sky Crime’s Forensics: Catching The Killer series 4, will delve into the details of Naomi’s murder, the subsequent investigation, and the ground-breaking forensic techniques that were employed at the time to bring her killer to justice. Through interviews with lead detectives and forensic experts, as well as archive footage, the program seeks to shed light on the tragic events that unfolded in 1995.

Each episode of the series aims to unravel the forensic work that played a crucial role in solving the murder cases it covers, with a focus on the stories of the forensic officers, experts, police detectives, and journalists involved. The documentary will highlight how cutting-edge forensic science was instrumental in capturing and convicting the killers in each case, offering an intimate look into the intricate investigative process behind catching these criminals.

Most recently, Hopkins, who had been granted parole after serving 28 years in prison, was recalled just 23 days after his release for violating the strict conditions imposed on him. While the specific condition breached has not been disclosed, the Probation Service emphasized that public safety remains their top priority, and they are committed to enforcing stringent conditions for offenders and returning them to custody without hesitation if these conditions are violated.

Hopkins, who still denies killing Naomi, was convicted of her murder in 1997 and given a life sentence with a minimum of 18 years. Despite an appeal from Nuneaton’s MP Marcus Jones to re-examine the parole board’s decision to release Hopkins, the request was ultimately rejected. The documentary is set to air on Sky Crime at 9 pm on January 22, aiming to shed light on the pivotal role of forensic science in catching murderers and serving justice in harrowing cases like Naomi Smith’s.