Officers Cleared in Fatal Nightclub Shooting After Two Men Open Fire, Killing Incident in Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska – Two off-duty officers will not face charges after shooting and killing two men while working security at a nightclub in the state’s largest city. The police chief stated that one of the men had fired a gun at a group of people, including the officers, leading to the fatal confrontation.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine reviewed witness statements and surveillance video before concluding that the officers acted within their rights by using deadly force in the shooting early Saturday in that city. The surveillance video depicted an argument escalating outside the Extasis Night Club before the two men later identified as Fernando Rodriguez-Juarez and Jonathan Hernandez-Rosales arrived and confronted a group of people, ultimately resulting in gunfire.

According to the police, the driver of the Jeep, Rodriguez-Juarez, fired a gunshot at the group of people, prompting the officers to respond with 21 shots, fatally striking each man three times. The officers refrained from approaching the vehicle until backup arrived, creating a delay in accessing medical assistance for the men.

The deceased men were later identified as being in the country illegally, with Hernandez-Rosales as a citizen of Nicaragua and Rodriguez-Juarez from Mexico. Investigators stated that there was no time for the officers to issue any commands before firing their weapons, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

The officers, identified as Capt. Jay Leavitt and Officer Robert Soldo, had previous experience in similar situations, with Leavitt previously involved in a different shooting last June. In that incident, he and another officer were leaving a community meeting when they encountered a man firing at a house, resulting in the man being wounded in the wrist.

While the use of off-duty officers for security purposes is common, it comes with potential risks and implications for the involved police department and the community. Businesses seeking law enforcement for protection often pay a premium, but the presence of an armed officer can pose additional hazards. Overall, incidents involving off-duty officers can have severe consequences and require careful management by the relevant authorities.

In conclusion, the shooting in Omaha underscores the complexities and potential consequences associated with off-duty officer engagements, prompting the need for careful consideration and oversight to ensure public safety and effective law enforcement practices.